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I love the written word with the same creative passion I bring to my web design and photography.
Here are some examples of my work - just click to view in a new window.

apterous: User Guide apterous is a Countdown-style letters-and-numbers game which is increasing in popularity each day since its launch in Summer 2008. I was asked by the game's designer to use a combination of my web design and writing skills to create a help section that would serve both new users and advanced players. Striking a balance between interesting and informative descriptions was key, and I created annotated screenshots to explain technical situations in a user-friendly manner. The Apterous User Guide; by Matt Morrison

The Camera Never Lies; an article by Matt Morrison The Camera Never Lies? An unpublished article about the ethical and metaphorical impact of photo manipulation, exploring the increasing trend of image manipulation, and looking at how it might relocate photography's perception as either art or fact.

550k PDF.

What Digital Camera: Nikon D80 Test Drive I was approached by What Digital Camera magazine and asked to write a 'test drive' review of Nikon's D80 camera. It was important to combine technical and accurate field knowledge with concise and interesting review-style writing, and I also supplied the photographs used to illustrate the article.

This article was published in the February 2008 issue of What Digital Camera.

369k PDF
Nikon D80 - Test Drive; an article by Matt Morrison

Here or There; travel experiences by Matt Morrison Here or There: Travel Experiences Through March and April 2008, I was employed by Here or to write up some of my travel experiences into short, interesting articles with high quality photos. The idea was that my articles would encourage other members of the rapidly-expanding website's community to write up their own experiences with the same detail, captivating photos and engrossing language.

I am available for per-piece or contracted authoring, and can apply my linguistic versatility to anything from posters and adverts to journals, articles, and reviews.
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